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Who Gives a Crap

Ethical, Everyday, Recycled, Sustainable

What did you achieve that last time you sat on the loo? No! don’t tell me! But, did you know that every time you wipe your bum you can help save our environment and improve sanitation in developing countries. Who Gives a Crap is a small company who helps us do this and you don’t have to use sand paper on your tush to do it. You can be fussy like me and demand nothing but cushiony goodness for your private parts.

50% of Who Gives a Craps profits go to non-profit organisations, like WaterAid and Sanergy who are working to improve access to hygiene, water and basic sanitation in developing countries.

Here is a brilliant vid from about 6 years ago when Who Gives a Crap getting ready to launch which explains it all pretty well.



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