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Sweet kicks from some French folks who seem to care a whole awful lot about how they make stuff.

These guys are putting in the hard work to make sure you feel as good as you look in their shoes. Working directly with farmers and producers in Brazil, Veja shoes feature Fairtrade cotton and rubber. They aim to pay their farmers a fair price which means sometime Veja pays twice what the “market” is paying. Check out their project to find out all the ways they’re being good.

Veja even has a range of vegan shoes, with the same classic style as the rest of the range but using some clever sustainable materials. Thes sneakers use stuff like upcycled plastic bottles to make a material called B-Mesh.

All of this should make Veja shoes ridiculously expensive, but here’s where they get smart again. Veja doesn’t advertise. No ads, no marketing means a shoe that costs 5–7 times as much to produce is sold for the same you would expect to pay for any mainstream sneaker brand.

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