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Svart Hotel

Lifestyle, Sustainable

Do you wanna build a snowman? Then you’ll need some snow. You can find that snow in the Arctic circle, and soon there’ll be somewhere awesome for you to stay while snow-hunting.

Svart is set to be the world’s first energy positive hotel. Based on the ambitious Powerhouse standard (hit the link if you can read Norwegian) which aims to create buildings that produce more energy over their lifetime than it takes to build, operate and demolish. Set on the edge of a lake, at the foot of a glacier in the middle of a fjørd, Svart will provide 360-degree views and activities like kayaking, ice-climbing and fishing for the outdoorsy types. Or, for a more relaxing vibe, head there when the long winter nights show off the lights of the Aurora Borealis. All of this while using just 15% of the power that a traditionally built hotel would use.

This amazing hotel is a collab between Arctic Adventure of Norway, Snøhetta, and Powerhouse and is set to open in 2021. We’ll all just need a little patience before we can start frolicking on the glacier with an animated snowman.

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