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Stone & Wood Brewing Co.

Ethical, Lifestyle, Sustainable

As Stone & Wood put it “We’re the only planet with beer…”. Honestly, I’m not sure I’ve heard a better reason to look after the place.

First thing’s first, the beer. Their mainstays include the unfiltered Green Coast lager, the mid-strength Garden Ale, and a real favourite around these parts, the hoppy as all get-out Pacific Ale. Keep an eye out for their seasonal offerings too, like The Gatherer, an American style wheat beer. All of the beers are made with carefully sourced, top notch ingredients.

Stone & Wood have their eco efforts heading in the right direction too. They’re B-Corp certified which means they have to live up to pretty high standards when it comes to social and environmental impact. More than 95% of the brewery’s solid waste is diverted from landfill. The place runs on a 100kW solar system which reduces their carbon emissions to the equivalent of planting 5000 trees. The industry standard for water usage is around 5.3L to make 1L of beer. Stone & Wood have this down to 4.1 and aim to reduce this further to 3.5L by 2020.

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