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Soft Landing

Ethical, House, Sustainable

Soft Landing is a brilliant organisation doing good in so many ways! Not only are they diverting over 100,000 mattresses from going into landfill each year, they offer employment opportunities to people who experience barriers in finding a job. 75% of a mattress that goes to Soft Landing is recycled. Each one is stripped down and the materials are taken to the relevant manufacturer to start their life again. The steel springs are recycled into products like roof sheeting, foam and latex becomes carpet underlay and the timber is used as kindling or mulch.

This has a massive environmental impact but as a not-for-profit social enterprise Soft Landings main priority is job creation. They offer meaningful jobs and career pathways to people who have difficulties finding employment. This creates an avenue of opportunity to a group of people who would otherwise be stuck in the negative cycle of long term unemployment.

If you buy your new mattress through a participating dealer then they will arrange for your old mattress to be taken away and recycled. Otherwise you check out Soft Landings collection and drop-off information HERE

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