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You can now recycle your takeaway coffee cups!

There use to be no way to recycle takeaway coffee cups due to the plastic lining of the cups being pretty much impossible to separate from the paper. That is until some big brains in the UK combined their powers and found a way to sort this out and what they have made in the process is beautiful. A Short Walk, Simply Cups and Nextek created a recycled plastic polymer by cleaning, shredding and combining the whole cup, they then mixed it with a special resin and other recycled plastics. This new material can now be manufactured into a range of new products, from pencils to tables, chairs and house signs and it is what is used to make the rCUP.

The rCUP is designed for 360° drinking, allowing the smells of the coffee to enhance the experience. It is 100% leak proof, is dishwasher safe, has one hand opening and is fully insulated. The look of the material is lovely coming in a small range of colours with the speckled flecks making the recycled nature of the product evident. Along with it’s tactile finish it really is a beautiful product. The rCUP should last 10 years and it can be recycled along with your standard household recycling when your done with it.

Simply Cups has now set up Australia’s first coffee cup recycling program. You can set up a coffee cup collection point in your workplace, business or at a community event and help prevent more coffee cups going into landfill.

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