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Prisma Guitars

Lifestyle, Upcycled

When all the flips have been kicked, all the rails have been slid and all the Hawks have been Tony-d, dead skateboards can gain a second life as one of these sweet Prisma guitars.

The unique colours come from the dyed layers of hardrock maple in skateboard decks. Nick Pourfard and the team at Prisma Guitars in San Francisco use them for everything from caps to solid bodies and even laminated necks. Because of random variation in the skateboards, no two Prisma Guitars are ever the same. With body shapes that range from classic to vaguely familiar to offset wackiness, Prisma Guitars have a decidedly vintage look and tone.

These things are not just beautiful, they are serious player guitars, filled with boutique components from the likes of McNelly Pickups and Emerson Electronics. Custom builds start from USD$2,500 which is amazing for instruments like these.

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