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Electricity is great. Green electricity is better. Going off-grid is awesome, but not always possible. That’s why we here at goodimalist power our appliances, gadgets and doohickeys with Powershop electrons.

Powershop operates a 100% carbon neutral… operation. Through a mixture of carbon offsets, hydro, and wind power, every nugget of electricity (that’s how it works, right?) is green by the time it comes out of the wall. If your already advanced in the ways of goodimalism, you may already have solar panels, nice one. Powershop have great feed-in tariffs and don’t sting you with fees just for being awesome.

The Powershop app helps you monitor your usage (or output, solar folks) and work towards cutting back on energy consumption. Also in the app is the ability to buy energy in “packs” which can have benefits like better rates, or more green, or even support small-scale renewable energy projects in remote regions. Now, we know this is a pretty location-dependent product, so if your local power companies aren’t offering this kind of stuff, kick up a stink until they do.

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