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Good quality toys can last a lifetime. Nope. Scratch that – they can out-last a lifetime and go on the be enjoyed by kids long into the future. PlanToys create classic wooden toys that capture children’s imaginations, engaging them and enabling them to play in their own way. These toys don’t need to be concerned with phases or fads. Offering open ended play they can change and grow along with their owners and instantly adapt when someone new comes along to enjoy them.

Working alongside childhood experts these toys are designed to contribute to children’s development, looking at different aspects with each stage including Social & Emotional Development, Intellectual Stimulation, Fine Motor & Coordination Development and Creativity & Imagination.

They are also super cute, bright, colourful toys that just draw you in.

PlanToys have been around for over 30 years and the company have refined their manufacturing process with sustainability in mind and a no-waste approach. Rubber-trees that no longer produce latex at a nearby plantation, are the main material used. The trunks are kiln dried for extra strength before being made into toys, sawdust and branches are made in to a super strong composite material called PlanWood and everything else fuels the Biomass generator. This provides power to the factory and nearby villages.

The toys are produced using non toxic glues, organic pigments and water-based dyes. Packaging is made from recycled paper and printed with soy-based inks. PlanToys do good in so many ways. Along with renewable power sources PlanToys runs an extensive reforestation program making them a carbon neutral company. They want to enrich the biodiversity in the area and also invest in people with the belief of “Better Kids for a Better World”. They are an equal opportunity employer providing a positive, healthy working environment for all their employees. They have set up a foundation for children and families fostering and appreciation of the arts, culture, & the environment and their “Mom Made Toy Project” saw the creation of toys designed to aid the development of children with special needs.

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