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From 1964-1973 America dropped 250 million bombs on Laos, 80 million of them failed to detonate. These bombs continue to harm the people of Laos and keep them in poverty. The path to solving this problem is long and slow but the progress that has been made has a lot to do with the efforts of ARTICLE22 and Project PEACEBOMB.

ARTICLE22 was founded by designer, Elizabeth Suda when after venturing from New York to Laos in an effort to learn about the local and sustainable crafts made in the area and the women who made them. She wanted to bring these products to the global market and ensure the women making them where paid a living wage.

In 2010 together with filmmaker Sam Roland and crowd funding support, Elizabeth Suda set out to share the story of the secret war which had devastated the area and continues to impact their lives 45 years later. This is Project PEACEBOMB.

A key part of the project are the PEACEBOMB bracelets. Using the techniques the villagers had developed – extracting the aluminium from the bracelets to make spoons – ARTICLE22 created the PEACEBOMB Bracelet. A beautiful piece of jewellery that is simple elegant and meaningful. The purchase of a bracelet contributes to MAG (Mines Advisory Group) to safely and expertly clear some of the bombs, educate the locals on safety, provide electricity to communal areas and give micro loans to help families set up their own businesses.

We try to keep the message pretty light here at Goodimalist. Our aim is to offer solutions that help us look forward and take positive steps towards a better future environmentally and sustainably. However, the story behind this product is big. It is interesting and it is worth hearing. If you would like to look a little further into the story behind the PEACEBOMB Project this is a somber, thought provoking and beautiful video Buying Back the Bombs

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