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Chasing the oranges around the bottom of the trolley makes me feel like one of those bad TV infomercials where people fail at basic tasks in the most obvious ways. Is this you?! Reusable produce bags are the answer!

These lightweight bags from Onya, are made from 100% Recycled PET Drinking Bottles and are super strong. They are nice and big (measuring 30cm x 25cm) holding up to 2kg or produce so they can carry all sorts of fruit and veggies or maybe you like to go nuts on nuts. You get 8 bags that come in a bright little pack with a little carabiner clip. Each bag weighs less than 10g, has a drawstring closure and is breathable so you can put straight in the fridge. I really like that they are transparent, that way I can see what I have put in my trolley when I forget 20 seconds after doing it – essential for meal planning.

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