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Marley Liberate XLBT

Lifestyle, Sustainable

Jammin. Jammin. Jammin on the train or the bus. Or maybe in the office, because you don’t need to hear what happened in last night’s episode of The Bachelor. A good pair of headphones can really satisfy your soul.

The Liberate XLBT Wireless headphones from The House of Marley will even allow you to get up, stand up without worrying about cables. They feature stuff like AptX and AAC technologies and big ol’ 50mm drivers for serious sound quality. They’re a foldable design with soft over-ear cups so they feel alright too.

Marley have a focus on using responsible and sustainable materials (check out the video below). Their REWIND™ fabric is made a mix of 40% recycled PET plastic and 30% reclaimed organic cotton, 30% reclaimed hemp. Combined with the sustainable, FSC-certified wood inlays and the recycled paper packaging, you’ll be wondering, is this love?

Okay, I have have to stop with the song name puns now. It feels wrong, but also right. Like if I shot the Sheriff, but I didn’t shoot the deputy.

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