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Karst Stone Paper Notebooks

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I am in love with notebooks and this notebook in particular. When I first saw this it kind of blew my mind – you don’t need trees to make paper! For me this is a big myth that has been busted, one of those fundamental facts you learn as a child and just grow up “knowing” – “Paper comes from trees”.

It turns out Calcium Carbonate is one of the most abundant substances on earth and it is capable of making a super white, smooth, waterproof and tear-resistant paper. Karst Stone Paper is made from re-purposed waste stone that has been produced by the mining industry and the construction industry. It is crushed into a powder and combined with a non-toxic, recyclable binding agent to make stone paper. There is no need for a single drop of water and one tree to be used in this paper and the results are beautiful.

Their books are meticulously made with carefully considered design to “provoke your creativity”. They are lovely to touch and to hold and amazing to write, sketch or scribble on.

AND Oh my gosh I nearly forgot to say – they also plant a tree for every notebook purchased – as if I needed another reason to love them.


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