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Humble Bundle

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Still looking for a last minute gift? Need something that can be delivered over the interwebs? Is it for a gamer?

A Humble Bundle Monthly subscription will score you over $100 worth of PC games (often $200+). This includes recent and AAA titles. You also get access to the Humble Trove which is filled with awesome indie and classic games.

On the first Friday of every month you’ll receive your new bundle. Each bundle is based on a theme, maybe all games from one developer, series, or maybe one particular genre.

Our favourite thing about the Humble Bundle is that 5% of every subscription goes straight to charity. So you can play games, while still living a Goodimalist lifestyle. They feature a different charity every month, plus have a database of well over 1000 charities that you can choose to support. In the 8 years they’ve been around, Humble Bundle has raised over $140,000,000 for good causes.

Beyond the monthly game bundle, there are book and software bundles as well as the Humble Store where you can pick up games at pretty hefty discounts and still support charity.

Goodimalist is a member of the Humble Bundle referral program.
Using the link above to make a purchase will give us Humble Store credit, so we can play some games too.

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