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Don’t send flowers, send chocolate. Seriously all those moments when you think “what should I get?” Just get chocolate. I had a baby? Get me chocolate – I need to make milk (and that stuff burns the calories). I got a new job? Congratulate me with chocolate – I could use the energy with my new role. It’s my birthday? Lets party with chocolate. I am sad? Console me with chocolate. It’s Tuesday? Lets have a sneaky chocolate. You see where I am going here?

Now if you are going to gift chocolate then you want it to be of a certain standard. Delicious, interesting and of course beautifully packaged. Hey Tiger! They are the bees knees. Their striking packaging is matched by their bold flavours and we love them – Summer in the City in particular. Mind you we haven’t tried them all …yet.

Hey Tiger is a social enterprise that was launched earlier this year by Envato Co-founder Cyan Ta’eed. After a close call with an infection in her eye and some forced bed-rest in a dark room she had time to ponder the fact that while chocolate brought her joy it was the source or hardship for those that were involved in producing it. So she decided to set up a charitable trust and partner with The Hunger Project. Cyan does not take a salary and a portion of every sale of chocolate helps fund the work The Hunger Project does with cocoa farming communities in Ghana. Hey Tiger is new and working toward being profitable, hoping they can build, keep growing and continue to support the amazing efforts to end hunger by 2030.

What can we do to help? Buy Chocolate (YEY!)

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