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Goal Zero Solar Kits

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It’s great to get out into nature and disconnect sometimes. But, maybe you don’t want to totally disconnect.

While you’re out in the wild you might still want power to charge your phone, camera, or other gadgets. But rocks don’t have charging ports. Nuclear reactors are too heavy to put in your backpack. Coal is just filthy. Where will you get your power?

You will harness the awesome power of the sun! That’s where you’ll get your power. To do that you’ll need solar panels. And a place to store any excess electrons for later use. Goal Zero has you covered with their nifty solar kits. Goal Zero Solar Kits range from something that will top up your phone in an emergency, to kits that will power an entire campsite. They pair a solar panel (or several) with a battery pack/charger, to give you clean reliable power. Now you can throw some pics up on instagram to prove that you totally disconnected from social media and are just enjoying nature. Just remember #Goodimalist when you do.

Goal Zero also bring their tech to parts of the world that would otherwise be without electricity and all that brings with it. Read here about how Goal Zero and Light Up Puerto Rico helped to bring power to homes across Puerto Rico in the wake of Hurricane Maria.

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