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Fireclay Tile

House, Recycled, Sustainable

Fireclay Tile are leaders in their industry in technology, sustainability and in design. In 1988 they were the first tile company to introduce 100% lead-free glazes into their product line and have continued to develop their techniques and processes. Their products are now made from post-industrial granite dust, post-industrial glass, recycled bottles, curbside porcelain (old baths and basins), tile seconds, and CRT monitors. They use recycled materials for packing and the shipping it takes to get the tiles to you is carbon off-set.

Their stunning design and beautiful handmade quality make these tiles an amazing resource for interior designers and home renovators. Enabling them to bring the pattern, colour and texture together to create a look that is unique to the space they are creating.

It is brilliant to see products where so much care is taken in developing and creating them and if nothing else you should follow them on instagram just to enjoy the beauty of it all.

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