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Fair. Drinks

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A vodka, two rums and a gin walk into a bar. The bartender says, “are you all ethically and sustainably sourced?”. And the spirits don’t say anything, because they’re drinks. But if they could talk they would say “Yes!”.

Established in 2009, Fair has the claim to fame of being the world’s first Fair Trade Certified spirits brand. They source their ingredients from farmers across the world. Their vodka is distilled from quinoa from the Altiplano plateau in the Andean mountains. Sugarcane is grown organically on small farm plots in Belize and hand harvested before being distilled and then aged in American Bourbon barrels for 5 years to create their dark rum. Unrefined Muscovado sugar from Mauritius goes into the white rum. The juniper berries, cardamom and coriander for the gin come from the Dustkul Bogi cooperative in Uzbekistan.

Gathering all these ingredients in this way, not only creates delicious drinks but also supports small farming communities, allowing them to continue using organic and environmentally-friendly growing methods. We’ll drink to that.

Remember to enjoy responsibly.

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