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Ecolour is a premium quality paint that is 100% free of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs).

Never heard of VOCs? Neither had I, but what I now know is that these are the chemicals that cause that smell in a freshly painted house and they are released into the area for years after the paint is dry and the stink has gone. They are also shown to cause many health conditions and are the reason The World Health Organisation classifies painting as a high risk occupation.

As well as being free of these toxins, Ecolour’s range of high quality paints is durable, easy to apply and provide great coverage. They can match any colour from any paint chart and their prices are comparable to the major brands. They supply to individuals and trades offering free delivery in Australia for orders over $100.

With all the benefits of being VOC free, Ecolour is ideal for homes and commercial applications. It is better for everyone working in the space, prevents the stink (and the toxins) from contsminsting air conditioning systems and allows the space to be occupied immediately after the paint has dried. I have worked in offices while painting has been going on and it is a headache…literally.

On top of all this the manufacture of Ecolour paints is Carbon Neutral. A key ingredient is waste engine oil that would otherwise be burnt to get rid of it. This oil is picked up from collection stations around the country and is used in the paint. This helps the paint glide on to walls and prevents it from dripping as much as regular paints. By recycling this oil Ecolour prevents 3-4 tonnes of COfrom being released into the atmosphere each year and that number is on the rise as the company grows.

Goodimalist is a member of the Ecolour affiliate program. By clicking the link a portion of the money you spend with Ecolour supports our site, helping us to share sustainable and ethical things.

Recycling waste engine oil to make beautiful VOC free paint - Ecolour
100% VOC free exterior paint by Ecolour
Kids painting with VOC free paint by Ecolour
100% VOC free Interior Paint by Ecolour
100% VOC free interior paint by Ecolour
Eco friendly interior paint by Ecolour

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