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It is not too late to get an amazing gift for the people in you life. I am thinking a goat or a chicken or maybe even a water pump.  

This is a gift that fits your budget, saves lives, helps families out of poverty, and is just plain cool.

CAREgifts is CARE Australia’s online gifts range the helps you support the work they do. CARE Australia has been helping people living in poverty for over 70 years. By tackling inequality they endeavor to create to long lasting and significant change.

Care Australia’s work is extensive; responding to emergencies all around the world, providing a massive range of education to children and adults, empowering women and girls to lead their families out of poverty and tackling hunger in the poorest countries of the world. The gift you buy could help them do this and might even come with a punny card – see what I did there 😉 

Read a bit more about the work CARE Australia do HERE.

Goodimalist is a member of the CAREgifts affiliate program. Anything Goodimalist receives from this post will go straight back into supporting the work of CARE Australia.

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