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Bio Bag – Compostable Bin Liners

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The supermarkets in their own strange, awkward way have stopped giving out single use bags. While we know they have issues to sort out in that realm, the change has left a lot of people wondering what to do with their rubbish bin. As we reduce the amount of rubbish going to landfill we need these items less and less but for a long time I reused supermarket bags as bin liners. And If you are like me you are not so keen on working on an origami masterpiece to fashion a bin liner out of newspaper(I don’t even buy the newspaper!).

BioBag Food Waste Bags are a great option. They are made from a resin derived from plants, vegetable oils and compostable polymers, making them fully compostable. These bags are breathable allowing food to dry out which reduces odors but they aren’t thick like plastic bags so you will need to be careful with sharp objects.

The Superline bin liners are the best for your general waste and they come in a range of sizes but there a wider selection that includes thinner compost liners for your food scraps.

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