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Awake Watches

Style, Sustainable, Upcycled

We firmly believe that you can have great sustainable stuff without compromising on style, function or quality. In fact, that’s the whole reason we created Goodimalist. The great thing is there are more and more people making products that live up that ideal. Awake watches are no exception.

Awake watches are creating high-quality watches with some great, sustainable materials. The case is made from recycled 316L stainless steel, the same stuff big watch brands like Omega use. The movement is a Japanese-made Seiko solar movement, so you’ll never need to throw away a battery. And if you opt for the “Pheonix” strap (we would), it’s made out of waste plastic pulled from the sea around Southeast Asia.

I could tell about what I think Awake are trying to achieve with this watch, but here’s their own words (you’ll have to imagine the French accent).

“Our mission is to prove that there is a smarter and more sustainable way to consume goods. We want to show that we can create objects with innovative design and very high quality, while still limiting our environmental impact as much as possible”

– Lilian, Awake co-founder

Well said Lilian. It’s great to see another good watch and more French folks doing good.

As of writing (September 2018), you can still pre-order the watches from their Indiegogo campaign at a pretty hefty discount. Awake say that shipments will begin in December with general sale coming some time after that.

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