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Armadillo & Co

Ethical, House, Recycled, Sustainable

Armadillo & Co was formed when founders Jodie Fried and Sally Pottharst came together with a mutual passion for design, commitment to social responsibility, and frustration with the lack of quality rugs in the Australian market. With an extensive list of skills and experience they have now been creating beautiful, handmade rugs for over 9 years . They employ over 1500 artisans and have a foundation that supports education in local communities.

Sustainability is at the core of Armadillo & Co. Their goal is for their products and processes to leave as little impact on the earth as possible, using a ‘reuse, reduce and recycle’ philosophy. Their rugs are created using recycled PET (in their outdoor range) and carefully sourced natural fibres such as hemp and pure wool.

Each rug is 100% handmade using traditional techniques. Dying, spinning, weaving, washing, finishing – each step is completed by a specialist artisan meticulously practicing their craft. These skills have been passed down through generations and, with the help of Armadillo & Co, are preserved for the future.

Armadillo & Co pay their artisans a living wage, support the schools in the community and sponsor a local medical clinic. Social responsibility has been a key driver since the beginning of this company and last year the Armadillo & Co Foundation was created with the “sole mission and purpose to enhance and improve the lives of underprivileged communities through the provision of educational, health and community structures”.

The designs of these rugs are contemporary and timeless, considered and elegant. The range of Armadillo & Co rugs is extensive and beautiful. What’s more, you can have your design custom made to suit your style and colour palette.

These are the rugs you will find on the pages of interior design magazines all over the world. Providing the colour and texture to create a remarkable room, they are gorgeous to look at and lovely to touch.

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