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1 Million pounds of plastic have been taken out of the ocean in the last 2 years by 4Ocean! Isn’t that phenomenal.

A couple of years ago 2 guys went on a surfing holiday to Bali. They were appalled to find there was so much rubbish in the water and being washed up on the beach. But the amazing thing is that when they thought “something should be done about this” they actually managed to do it.

They have developed new technologies and created a new economy out of ocean plastic, giving people jobs and saving the ocean from waste, one pound at a time.

The main little item that makes all this possible is a bracelet. A little bead bracelet made from recycled materials that you can buy for $20USD. Along with every bracelet sold, another pound of rubbish is removed from the ocean and coastlines around the world. If you buy a subscription you are removing 12 pounds (roughly 5 and half kgs for the metric using portion of the planet) of rubbish from the ocean and you will receive a beautifully packaged bracelet every month for a year.

The sail of these bracelets enable 4Ocean to host cleanups all over the world, both above and below the water which raise awareness and instigate change. Another brilliant package they now have for presale is the 4Ocean Cleanup Kit. Purchase of this kit removes 5 Pounds of rubbish from the ocean and gives you a great set of tools to have a clean up of your own.

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